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Art of dating korra

Aang tells Katara and Sokka that he only knows airbending and he must master the other three elements.Katara is given a waterbending scroll that she uses to greatly strengthen and hone her waterbending abilities and to help Aang learn as they make their way to the Northern Water Tribe (where Aang will be able to learn from waterbending masters) and liberate more Earth Kingdom villages in the process, weakening the Fire Nation's food and water supplies.

This is opposed to most females, who I’ve found start bawling every time anyone kisses in the rain during a movie. In any case, these ten scenes will at least bring a hint of a tear to even the manliest of men, and ladies, if your man doesn’t look mildly affected by any of these, you’re either dating a robot or a serial killer.

Regardless, this is a family that lives off the radar.

They typically don’t see people for months at a time.

15-year-old Sokka and his 14-year-old sister, Katara, are near a river at the Southern Water Tribe, a small village in the South Pole.

While hunting, they discover an iceberg that when broken open shoots a beam of light into the sky.

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If you’re really people from the bush who rarely leave, how is this even possible?